A theater play about noise, discomfort and what (secretly) requires attention. 
Together with the director and the actors, we co-created the costumes for this play. It was essential to include the actors vision, ever since they are the target group of this play. 
Co-creating included collection images, creating moodboards, talking about mental health and what it means for them. 
The pressure from outside is great. At school, on the street, at home and online. A lot of things are coming our way. What really matters is difficult to discern in the noise. Everything should always go well. But what if you get stuck in the chaos of your own head? What if that noise drowns out everything... The interactive performance CRICKETS gives shape to all noise in and around us. 
Together with young people, the play investigates how you listen to the 'crickets' within yourself. Those voices that demand attention, whether they chirp softly or scream loud. Whether those feelings are good for you or not: ultimately we are forced to look them in the face and do something about it. And how do we create space for that? 
CRICKETS is a 14+ performance especially for classrooms (VO, MBO) or youth centers, created and played by young people from DEGASTEN and inspired by the experiences of the players themselves. It is the sequel to the performance HEADSPACE (2022-2023) about mental health.
Created and played by: Bebel Piersma, Charlotte González Kieboom, Franka Wijngaarden, Imani Heijmans, Lisa Holsappel, Pieke Bijsterbosch, Sebastian Koers, Shenna Heijmans, Tijl van Abbe, Abdul Conteh, Severin John Broekman
Direction: Sem Jonkers en Nabil Benkers (stage)
Tekst: Eva Maria de Wit
Muziek: $ean Luck (N.O.B. Productions)
Kostuum: Megan van Engelen (FASHIONCLASH)
PR: Lieve de Boer (stage) en Aike Jansen
Zakelijke coördinatie: Wilbert Slagboom
Met dank aan: Zora de Vos
Partners: FASHIONCLASH, Transformers Community, @EASE, Museum van de Geest
Financieel gesteund door: ELJA Foundation, Fonds21, Het Cultuurfonds Noord-Holland, VSB Fonds en het Lira Fonds.
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