For this play I created and styled the costumes for Frouwke Florentina and Afra Leidelmeyer. It was a collaborative project together with Iris Zegwaard. 

On Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 September 2023, Afra and Frouwke played their theater performance in Het Huis in Utrecht. A performance based on their experiences of losing a parent at a young age. As beginning teenagers, they both were forced to deal with that fact. Frouwke was told that her mother was terminally ill. Afra lost her father abruptly in a car accident.
Those events had a major impact on them as growing teenagers and young adults. Their vision of the future changed abruptly, it left them directionless and searching. Even today, grief can still overwhelm. They show the battle with ourselves, their fears, time and their memories in a playful, empathetic and compelling way.
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