Photo by Ies Kaczmarek

For this play, Megan collaborated with Frouwke Florentina and Afra Leidelmeyer on the costume design and overall styling.
During this project she collaborated with Iris Zegwaard as a duo. 
In a world full of old memories and deeply buried feelings about the loss of a parent, two women meet. On stage a battle takes place between denial, guilt and shame, desire for connection and fear of rejection.
In Septembre 2023, Frouwke Florentina and Afra Leidelmeier played their theatre performance in Het Huis in Utrecht. 
For the costume design, Megan's approach was to highlight and translate their personal experience of grief. During personal conversations and design sessions she worked towards the final design in which the personal vision of the performer is showcased. 
Together with Iris Zegwaard she created the looks that translate to the stage. The pyjama dress that Afra Leidelmeyer wears was sewn by her mother, Malou Blay.

Play, lyrics and direction: Frouwke Florentina & Afra Leidelmeyer
Live Sounscape: Benjamin van Dijk
Costume: Megan van Engelen, Iris Zegwaard & Malou Blay
Decor: Kjeld Olsen en Jan Heinsbroek
*Thanks to: Impulssubsidie Cultuur

In collaboration, Megan supported Frouwke in recreating a few scenes during a photoshoot. They wanted to capture the highlights from Frouwke's story and capture the essence of her vision. 

Title: Lost in our last goodbye
Photos by Ies Kaczmarek
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