Together with photographer Anniek Snoeijs, we collaborated on this shoot.
"With my personal project I want to show what it feels like to want self-love, but you are not at that point yet. If you want to love yourself but you can’t, it feels like you are
trapped. You live in your own shadow, you don’t feel comfortable in your own clothes and you create more emptiness around you." - Anniek Snoeijs

‘You stop me from flourishing, rooting and failing. Although I don’t want to fail, I will.
Whichever way I go, you’re chasing me. As I embrace you, I want to let you go.
Shade, when will you make me bloom like a blossom in the spring?’

Jumpsuit by Megan van Engelen
Jumpsuit by Megan van Engelen
This shoot was digitally published at Purplehaze magazine
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Models Mo-Yccia Hanley & Joyce den Ouden & Tess Maylo
Model agency In Between Models
Make up and hair Ronny Godales Del Valle & Marjolein van Dijk
Styling Maite
Designer & Art direction Megan van Engelen
Assistance Elke Jörder & Ruben van Ommen
Studio allardstudios
Photography, Concept & Art direction Anniek Snoeijs
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