My work is an absurdistic visualisation, based on narcissistic relationships. Starting in the world of cycling, I transform a personal story into something filled with humour and healing. Through storytelling I play with aspects of my own life and elements from, for example, cycling gear. I show the agony of the victim in a narcissistic relationship in an absurd way through knitting works, prints, transformations and bicycle parts through moving image.

“Nagem, a passionate young woman who is full of life. In her cycling paradise she gives love and effort to achieve her goal. Either way, she's going to have the race of her life. She will complete several rounds on an indoor cycling track. During that journey, uncertainties play an increasingly important role, which visibly leads to frustration and anger.” A selection from the short fashion film that was made in response to the collection The Cluster B Effect. A film that will move you and put a new perspective on narcissism with performance and fashion.
"In my graduation project, I visualise a personal trauma with surrealistic and humoristic features."
I collaborated with a graphic artist (James Whistler) to visualise words and slogans with a narcissistic output. The Dutch words find a way to project nonsense and embracing the words that are being shouted at you.
Filmposter 1
Filmposter 1
Filmposter 2
Filmposter 2
Filmposter 3
Filmposter 3
Het Cluster B Effect - Teaser
Are you curious to see the film? don't hesitate to reach out to me or come and see the film at some of the upcoming festivals!
FASHIONCLASH International Fashion Festival
11 - 2023 / Official selection of 'Het Cluster B Effect'.
Museum de Fundatie - group exhibition
24-6 - 8-10 (2023) / The film 'Het Cluster B Effect' is part of the group exhibition 'Do We Care?' 
Fashion Film Festival Milano
6 - 2023 / Official selection of 'Het Cluster B Effect' in Milano, Italy.
New Renaissance Film Festival - Awarded Best Student Film
4 - 2023 / Official selection of 'Het Cluster B Effect' in Amsterdam. Awarded with the Best Student Short Film.
PAYPAL Melbourne Fashion Festival - Film Awards finalist
3 - 2023 / One of the 10 finalists with 'Het Cluster B Effect' for the Film Awards during PMFF, hosted by PayPal. 
Amsterdam Fashion Film Festival
2 - 2023 / Official selection of 'Het Cluster B Effect' for the student competition 
Beijing Fashion Film Festival 
1 - 2023 / Finalist with film 'Het Cluster B Effect', the first edition co-hosted by Fashion Scout.
UK Fashion Film Festival
11 - 2022 / Official selection of 'Het Cluster B Effect' for the student competition 
Lodz Young Fashion Film Festival - Grand prize
11 - 2022 / Finalist & grand prize winner in the competition with film 'Het Cluster B Effect'.
A Shaded View On Fashion Film
11 - 2022 / Official selection of 'Het Cluster B Effect' for the student competition 
Note from Cori Coppola, Producer: 
"Excellent use of fashion to tell a story!"
Croatia Fashion Film Festival
10 - 2022 / Official selection with 'Het Cluster B Effect'
Dutch Design Week
10 - 2022 / Biggest design exhibition of the Netherlands in Eindhoven, exhibition of the film and fashion from    'Het Cluster B Effect at Klokgebouw
Springplank kunstroute
9 - 2022 / Art route in Utrecht exhibit of 'Het Cluster B Effect'
Fiesta de La Vuelta
8 - 2022 / One day festival in Utrecht. Showcased the short film 'Het Cluster B Effect'
EXPOSURE 2022 Graduation Show by HKU 
29/6 - 3/7 / Graduation exhibition, exhibited graduation work and short film 'Het Cluster B Effect'
VUELTA Film Festival (festival cancelled)
07 - 2022 / Film festival as part of the cultural agenda for VUELTA Holanda, display of the short film: Het Cluster B Effect, inclusive Q&A
Direction                                             Megan van Engelen
Direction assistance                          Stefan Droger
Story                                                   Megan van Engelen
Performer                                           Frouwke Florentina
Cinematographer                              Patrik Ontkovic
Camera assistant 1                            Bob Schellens
Camera assistant 2                           Joppe van Gent
First assistant                                    Iris Zegwaard
Fashion design                                Megan van Engelen
Styling                                              Sterre Berben
                                                         Iris Zegwaard
Make-up and hair stylist                 Ronny Godales del Valle
Set assistance                                 Lieke Weijenberg
Extra                                                 Martina Parhan
Sound design and composition    Benjamin van Dijk & Dimas Zantman
Editing                                            Joppe van Gent
Color grading                                 Patrik Ontkovic
Location                                         Velodrome Amsterdam
Special thanks
                                                        HKU Loods, Ron Bokje
                                                        Kwekerij W.F. Leenen
                                                        Velodrome Amsterdam - Eddie Colpeart
                                                        Everyone who donated
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