Megan van Engelen (fashion artist, HKU design alumnus 2022) looks for a balance in between making frivolous and socially impactful fashion pieces. Those pieces focus on themes as personal stories, mental health among young people and activism. Her work is often described as extravagant and campy, and it plays with current affairs. She touches upon themes as family dynamics, taboos and the search for one’s identity.
“I believe that fashion can serve as a tool to open up a conversation on subjects such as these. It empowers oneself and plays with a sense of self-mockery.”
Megan works on translating stories into (wearable) pieces with a great love for fashion. She displays the pieces into various forms of media, often fashion film. Her belief is that the pieces come to life when they move on a screen and on a performer. The performing arts are a great part of her work and she often collaborates with other artists. Via this medium, she brings a story to life by directing. She has mastered this skill through experience on different projects and collaborations with artists.
To achieve such storytelling, Megan uses absurdity and humor in her fashion pieces. She translates this into print design, surrealistic forms, experimental use of fabric, knitwear and tailoring. These crafts often relate to the stories Megan tells.
Along side her autonomous work, Megan often has worked for other projects as a costume designer, stylist, director, producer and performer.
"I am looking for the edge in physical appearance"
FASHIONCLASH International Fashion Festival
11 - 2023 / Official selection of 'Het Cluster B Effect'.
Museum de Fundatie - group exhibition
24-6 - 8-10 (2023) / The film 'Het Cluster B Effect' is part of the group exhibition 'Do We Care?' 
Fashion Film Festival Milano
6 - 2023 / Official selection of 'Het Cluster B Effect' in Milano, Italy.
FASHIONCLASH Fashion Film Bootcamp & pitch
5 - 2023 / Bootcamp & pitch for 'Berry' 
New Renaissance Film Festival - Awarded Best Student Film
4 - 2023 / Official selection of 'Het Cluster B Effect' in Amsterdam. Awarded with the Best Student Short Film.
PAYPAL Melbourne Fashion Festival - Film Awards finalist
3 - 2023 / One of the 10 finalists with 'Het Cluster B Effect' for the Film Awards during PMFF, hosted by PayPal. 
Amsterdam Fashion Film Festival
2 - 2023 / Official selection of 'Het Cluster B Effect' for the student competition.
Beijing Fashion Film Festival 
1 - 2023 / Finalist with film 'Het Cluster B Effect', the first edition co-hosted by Fashion Scout.
UK Fashion Film Festival
11 - 2022 / Official selection of 'Het Cluster B Effect' for the student competition .
Lodz Young Fashion Film Festival - Grand Prize
11 - 2022 / Finalist & grand prize winner in the competition with film 'Het Cluster B Effect'.
Epson Design Awards - Grand Prize
11 - 2022 / Scouted and selected for the awards, challenged to create a print and make a new outfit. Winner of this year's edition
Note from chairman Sophie Wantia, previous year's edition: 
"She tells an emotional story in a light-hearted, absurd way that creates a strong relationship between print, story and form. Well thought out and technically well executed. She translated her story into a graphic print and then used the sublimated fabrics in a way that created creative silhouettes. 
A Shaded View On Fashion Film
11 - 2022 / Official selection of 'Het Cluster B Effect' for the student competition .
Note from Cori Coppola, Producer: 
"Excellent use of fashion to tell a story!"
Croatia Fashion Film Festival - selected best new talent
10 - 2022 / Official selection with 'Het Cluster B Effect', selected for best new talent.
Dutch Design Week
10 - 2022 / Biggest design exhibition of the Netherlands in Eindhoven, exhibition of the film and fashion from    'Het Cluster B Effect at Klokgebouw.
Springplank kunstroute
9 - 2022 / Art route in Utrecht exhibit of 'Het Cluster B Effect'.
Fiesta de La Vuelta
8 - 2022 / One day festival in Utrecht. Showcased the short film 'Het Cluster B Effect'.
EXPOSURE 2022 Graduation Show by HKU 
29/6 - 3/7 / Graduation exhibition, exhibited graduation work and short film 'Het Cluster B Effect'.
VUELTA Film Festival (festival cancelled)
07 - 2022 / Film festival as part of the cultural agenda for VUELTA Holanda, display of the short film: Het Cluster B Effect, inclusive Q&A.
FASHIONCLASH International Fashion Festival
11 - 2021 / Festival exhibit of the short film: Becoming me(gan).
Share your Art - Hip Hop Huis Rotterdam
08 - 2020 / One night exhibit, premiere of Becoming me(gan).
2023 / Costume design for DEGASTEN
For the theaterplay 'CRICKETS' Megan created 3 costumes for several actors. The play evolves around mental health and how to deal with your inner thoughts. Megan was matched by FASHIONCLASH on this project. This was a collaborative project.
Burning desire
2023 / co-directing & art direction for Sabrina Nijenhuis
For this fictional advertisement project, I was asked to assist direct and help with art direction. During the day my tasks were helping Sabrina directing, art direction and overseeing the wardrobe. 
Kom je even bij me zitten?
2023 / Costume design
For the theaterplay 'Kom je even bij me zitten?' Megan created several costumes for both actors. The play evolves around grief and how people deal with it later in life. 

Interview for De Fundatie 'Do We Care?'
06 - 2023 / Print publication
An interview with Megan on her work 'Het Cluster B Effect' and themes regarding towards care and her work methods. The booklet is on sale during the exhibition 'Do We Care' at museum De Fundatie at Kasteel Nijenhuis.
Interview with HKU
02 - 2023 / Digital publication
An interview with Megan on graduating from HKU and her journey that came after it. Check the article here.
Interview with TexIntel
01 - 2023 / Digital publication
An interview with Megan on winning the Epson Design Award 2022, she talks with Debbie McKeegan about her work and view on fashion. Click here to read the full article (English).
De Rode Winkel / Thank you message
11 - 2022 / Digital publication - Blog post
A thank you message from De Rode Winkel, Epson Design Awards. Click here to read the article (Dutch)
MOB Journal / Cover story
04 - 2021 / volume 18, issue 02
Art direction & styling
Purplehaze magazine
08 - 2021 / Digital publication
Art direction & styling
MOB Journal
04 - 2021 / volume 14, issue 20
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