“My mother’s blackberry marmalade: an iconic token from my youth. Unfortunately after my mother moved, the blackberry bush didn’t end up in her new garden. It was the end of an era. No more blackberry marmalade, just the few pots left that conserve my childhood memories.
In search of a feeling of longing for home, I explore my childhood memories, in which I encounter many fictional characters. They represent the roles I envision in a perfect young family. It’s glamorous, colorful and so fucking happy.”
In Glam Kitch(en) Megan explores her romanticized childhood memories through several fashion pieces that relate to her broken family.
This is an ongoing project where I tend to collaborate with multiple artists, designers and filmmakers.​​​​​​​
For the second edition I was scouted and nominated for the Epson Design Awards. These awards are brought to life by Epson & LabeledBy to support young design talent with a lager audience. 
For this contest all the participants were asked to create a print that was going to be printed on two different fabrics. With that fabric, we created one or more outfits. 
During this contest, Megan was announced as the grand prize winner. Winning a sublimation printer and a budget of 500 euros.
See the video below where Megan tells you more about Glam Kitch(en).
Photography: @quincywest
Photography & videography: @studiowitzwart
Models: @filipamodels & Alina Voskuil
Chef de cabine: @sisleyangenois_  and team
Dancers: @brucedancefactory
Choreo: @merelyanez, @lorenzostrijb
Visual and technical support @stefhabraken 
@epsonnederland #epsondesignawards
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